Traveling to Hawai’i and COVID-19 Requirements

Hawai’i is now open for tourism! Are you wondering what it takes to safely visit the islands?

We get a lot of questions about Hawai’i, so we made a step-by-step guide that we hope clears up any questions you have.

The state of Hawai’i has established a COVID-19 testing and screening process required for travel, which varies by island.

We hope this information helps! As always, we aren’t health or government officials.  We’re just trying to relay helpful info.  Be sure to check official sources linked in this email — travel conditions in Hawai’i change frequently.

Check out this link for general travel info from the Hawai’i State Department of Health.

TRAVEL PROCESS – before departure


You can use this link to create your ‘Safe Travels’ account (each traveling adult will be required to create their own account) – for more information on how to set up your account check out this helpful video.

Check out this site for the list ofTrusted Testing Partnersapproved for COVID-19 testing for travel to Hawai’i — these are the only test locations that will be accepted by the State of Hawai’i!

HELPFUL TIP: Tests through certain Walgreens locations may be free!

Be sure to make an appointment for your COVID-19 test as most locations fill up quickly! Also be sure that your test is taken no earlier than 72 hours before your last leg of departure.

TRAVEL PROCESS — what you can expect upon arrival


Having everything completed through your Safe Travels account & the QR code(s) & test result ready on your phone will make the arrival process easy & quick!

Caution: If you do have to quarantine once you arrive in Hawai’i, you will have to designate a hotel or motel as your chosen quarantine location. Be aware that short-term & vacation rentals, as well as operations that rent vehicles, may not rent to any person subject to the 10-day quarantine.

Keep in mind that Hawai’i has a strict mask mandate in public areas — beaches are the exception. Please be mindful and respectful of the islands as locals are still trying to navigate the pandemic as tourism opens up.

Additional testing requirements by island —

Some islands have additional testing once you arrive. Here’s more information on what you can expect upon arrival on each island.


(HNL airport)

No additional or voluntary testing required upon arrival on the island of Oahu.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Oahu


(OGG airport)

The island of Maui encourages visitors to take a voluntary second test 3 days after arrival, at no cost to the traveler. This is not required.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Maui


(LIH airport)
Kauai is now participating in the Safe Travels Program effective April 5th, which allow visitors to travel to the island and bypass quarantine as long as they show proof of an accepted negative test taken 72 hours before arrival. There are also voluntary additional testing options available for visitors, but this is not required.

COVID-19 Kaua’i Quarantine Information

BIG ISLAND (Hawai’i)

(KOA or ITO airports)
25% of arriving transpacific travelers will be administered an antigen test the day they arrive at the airport. The county will select, at random, those required to take an arrival test. The results will be available 15 minutes after the test is administered.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Hawai’i (Big Island)

Another thing to keep in mind is that each county (island) of Hawai’i can change their travel requirements at any time, so it’s important to do a little further research on whatever island you are planning to travel to!


Q: Where can I get tested for COVID-19 that will be approved by the State of Hawai’i for travel & how much do the tests cost?
A: The State of Hawai’i is only accepting tests through Trusted Testing Partners, which can be found here. Most locations do require a testing fee of $140+, however, certain Walgreen’s locations, are offering free testing depending on your health situation. Information about the requirements for each trusted location can be found here.

Q: What ages need to get tested before traveling to Hawai’i?
A: The Pre-Travel Testing Program requires passengers five and older to be tested before traveling to Hawai’i.

Q: Do I need a QR code for each leg of my trip?
A: If you have a layover somewhere before arriving to Hawai’i you will only need to enter the last leg of your trip into your ‘Safe Travels’ account, which will only require 1 QR code. For example, if your trip is SLC > SFO > HNL you will only need to enter the leg for SFO > HNL. The only requirement for needing more than 1 QR code is if you have a stop on another Hawaiian island.

Q: Do I need to get re-tested if I have a layover on a different island?
A: As long as your test was taken 72 hours before you leave for your final leg of departure you will not need to get re-tested.

Q: What if I plan to visit multiple islands while on my trip to Hawai’i?
     A: For travel to the islands of Kauai & Maui after a stay on another island you will need to receive another COVID-19 test via a trusted testing & travel partner no more than 72 hours before departure with a negative result.
There are no additional requirements for travel to the island of Oahu.
For travel to the Big Island (county of Hawai’i) you have 2 options when traveling from one island to another.
1. Either test for COVID-19 via a trusted testing & travel partner no more than 72 hours before departure with a negative result or
2. Be tested after arrival.
You will need to include this additional travel information in your ‘Safe Travels’ account and receive an additional QR code for traveling.
More information on specific island testing requirements can be found here.

Q: What if I haven’t received my test results before arriving in Hawai’i?
A: You will have to quarantine for 10 days. There is no longer an option to bypass the quarantine if you get your results after arrival.

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