An Anniversary Trip to Hawaii

$275 to Maui, Hawaii / $250+ Saved

“The stars aligned for this trip to happen…
Twenty years ago we were lucky enough to celebrate our honeymoon in Hawaii.

Fast forward to now, I joined Flights From Home and found super cheap tickets to Hawaii — $275 roundtrip.

Not only were the flights right during our anniversary, but I was in nursing school at the time and I just happened to have a break between terms for a whole week!

If that wasn’t enough, my sister was living in a condo there so we had a free place to stay and a local to show us around. We flew to Maui and spent a couple of days on our own doing the amazing Road to Hana. Then we took a little plane to Molokai, a gorgeous less touristy island, to visit my sister.

It was an amazing trip and all thanks to Flights From Home!”

Laura C.

A Mother Daughter Trip to Amsterdam

$280 to Amsterdam, Netherlands / $900+ Saved

“February of 2019 a flight came through our Premium email for Amsterdam, $280 return!

I ran downstairs and woke up my 12 yr old daughter and asked (said) let’s go!! I booked for the first week of November 2019.

As it happened that fall, her class was reading Ann Frank’s Diary (perfectly unplanned parenting win). I had long ago booked our tickets to see Frank home. It was a powerful experience and we brought back posters for the teacher… who was so grateful to be able to show her classes the Frank home in detail.

We also toured the Rijks, did a historical tour on bikes and took a canal tour in a 102-year-old original canal boat… and wandered the city for stroopwafels, apple pie, and pancakes. Perfect trip. Even upgraded to first-class on the way home for less than a regular round trip ticket.

Love our Flights From Home emails… sunshine in our days making dreams reality.

Heidi & Maggie

A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled in Mo’orea

$600+ saved to Tahiti & France

Adrienne H.

A First of Many Solo Trips to Europe

$1,000+ saved to 6 countries in Europe

Beth J.

A Multitude of Trips to 4 Countries & Counting

$1,500+ saved to Ireland, Mexico, Greece, Germany, France

Tessa S.

A Dream Honeymoon in Greece

$475 to Athens, Greece / $450+ Saved

“Since 2016 every time I’ve ever visited a foreign country was because I found a Flights From Home deal for cheap.

Since 2016 I’ve visited places like Israel, the Netherlands, Thailand, Spain, and a bunch more! Then in January 2019 Flights From Home posted a deal I’d been looking forward to for years. Salt Lake City to Athens Greece.

For years I’d known I wanted to go to Santorini Greece on my honeymoon. In January I had been dating my girlfriend for 4 years and we had talked a lot about marriage. We both knew that we wanted to get married. I was just unsure about when that could happen. I was nervous to take that next step in my life! But then that day in January when that deal popped up on my phone I knew that I could make it work.

So I booked two tickets to Greece for November. FFH kicked my butt into gear. 2 months later I asked her parents permission. A month after that I proposed. 6 months later we were married and 5 days after that we were sitting on the steps of Oia watching the sunset over the windmills and blue domes of Santorini Greece.



A Family Trip to Paris

$325 to Paris, France / $400+ Saved

“I subscribed to Flights From Home Premium about a year and a half ago because I wanted first dibs on some better deals.

I got an email one day with flights out of SLC to Paris. I had always wanted to go to Europe and decided to text my family.

Within hours we had all coordinated and decided to book our trip for February 2020.

We had the absolute best time! I can’t wait until I can get some great deals to head out of the country again!

Thanks again for making finding deals so much simpler!”

Hayley I.

A Two for One Trip to New Zealand & Australia

$414 to Auckland, New Zealand / $800+ Saved

“I was working a graveyard shift in the hospital one night when I got the notification that there was a deal for $414 round trip to Auckland, New Zealand.

I wouldn’t have a chance to consult with my wife since it was the middle of the night so I booked the flight. I got home and my wife said “did you see that deal to New Zealand?!” I told her that “I did and I booked it!”

Because of Flights From Home, we were able to do something that we would never be able to afford.

We got to visit Hobbiton, see Milford Sound, and even jumped over to Australia.

Whenever I see a notification pop up from Flights From Home I always jokingly (but somewhat seriously) say “welp, where are we going next?”

Eric L.

An Affordable Honeymoon in Key West

$182 to Key West, Florida / $150+ Saved

“My husband (then fiancé) and I were so excited when we saw your deal to Key West!

We were looking for a fun new place to go for our honeymoon but as poor college students, it was a struggle!

When we saw the deal we hopped right on it and booked right away. We ended up having a huge blast on those gorgeous islands while staying within our budget!

Thanks for making our dream honeymoon possible!!”

Rabbecca T.

A Trip Home to Quarantine With Family

$157 to Kansas City, Missouri / $150 Saved

“A few months into quarantine, I got a Flights From Home email about roundtrip, direct flights from SLC to Kansas City for $157.

I hadn’t been home since Christmas, so I bought the tickets right then, figuring that I’d be able to go, or I’d get travel credit I could use later. Having something to look forward to amid the uncertainty of 2020 was a huge gift, especially when a lot of my planned pre-covid trips were canceled.

I ended up getting to hang out with my family for a week! Considering the circumstances, we mostly hung out at the house, eating Thai takeout and watching British TV shows.

Even though it wasn’t the most glamorous trip, I’m so grateful I was able to go home and inexpensively spend time with family.

I look forward to exploring new places again when it’s safe!”

Shelley B.