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COVID-19 Travel Tips and Updates

Where can US citizens travel right now? Wondering where you can travel right now? Check out the links below to learn about which states and countries are open and their current travel restrictions. If you’re looking for domestic travel options, check out this page our team created to keep you informed about domestic travel. For […]

An Anniversary Trip to Hawaii

“The stars aligned for this trip to happen… Twenty years ago we were lucky enough to celebrate our honeymoon in Hawaii. Fast forward to now, I joined Flights From Home and found super cheap tickets to Hawaii — $275 roundtrip. Not only were the flights right during our anniversary, but I was in nursing school […]

A Mother Daughter Trip to Amsterdam

“February of 2019 a flight came through our Premium email for Amsterdam, $280 return! I ran downstairs and woke up my 12 yr old daughter and asked (said) let’s go!! I booked for the first week of November 2019. As it happened that fall, her class was reading Ann Frank’s Diary (perfectly unplanned parenting win). […]

A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled in Mo’orea

“I work for an airline and didn’t know if Flights From Home would be worth it. Started following and found some of the prices you find are better than I can get standby. Thanks to FFH I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of staying in an overwater bungalow in Mo’orea in November 2019! […]

A First of Many Solo Trips to Europe

“I’m single, and always viewed travel to faraway places as something you should do with your family or close friends. I also thought if you spent 8+ hours on a plane, and your plane ticket cost $600+ you should stay at your destination for at least a week. My work schedule never really seemed to […]

A Multitude of Trips to 4 Countries & Counting

“There are few things I enjoy more than traveling and Flights From Home is my favorite toy. Of course, each trip is remembered by the food we eat. Ireland with my daughter Julia in April 2019, with the full Irish breakfast and a week of driving on narrow roads in a manual car I’d do […]

A Dream Honeymoon in Greece

“Since 2016 every time I’ve ever visited a foreign country was because I found a Flights From Home deal for cheap. Since 2016 I’ve visited places like Israel, the Netherlands, Thailand, Spain, and a bunch more! Then in January 2019 Flights From Home posted a deal I’d been looking forward to for years. Salt Lake […]

A Family Trip to Paris

“I subscribed to Flights From Home Premium about a year and a half ago because I wanted first dibs on some better deals. I got an email one day with flights out of SLC to Paris. I had always wanted to go to Europe and decided to text my family. Within hours we had all […]

A Two for One Trip to New Zealand & Australia

“I was working a graveyard shift in the hospital one night when I got the notification that there was a deal for $414 round trip to Auckland, New Zealand. I wouldn’t have a chance to consult with my wife since it was the middle of the night so I booked the flight. I got home and […]